Da Yooper Plunge 2017


New for 2017

  • Event starts at 10:00 a.m. at Menominee Marina (event to precede Da Yooper Plunge) and will be 50 yards in length
  • $75.00 entry fee for 3 person team, must have a team name and theme
  • Prizes awarded for 1st- 3rd place for fastest, best dress, best effort and most team money raised
  • Age categories
  • Little Stinkers 17 and under
  • Da Sharts 18-49
  • Loose Stools 50+
  • Outhouses are 4 x 4 x 6 on skis, no metal is allowed for ski’s and 16″ push bars per side

To be held on January 28th

Mark your calendars!

Yooper Plunge 2011

River Cites Community Pool Association and the DAR Boys and Girls Club will be holding the 7th annual “DA Yooper Plunge” on January 28th, 2017 at noon. The event will be held at Victory Beach in Menominee, MI. This is the only event of it’s type held in the area!

 What is the “DA Yooper Plunge”? It’s a “must see” and “must do” event in the Marinette-Menominee Area open to all ages! Individuals can register for the event or participants can form a team with a group of friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, etc.   It’s a unique opportunity help support the River Cities Community Pool, DAR Boys and Girls Club & River Cites Streamliners Swim Team by entering the icy waters of Green Bay!

How far do plungers have to go? That is totally up to the plunger; it can be waist deep, full body submersion or just sticking your big toe in the water!  If you are brave enough to take the plunge participants must register by December 11th to guarantee a t-shirt the day of the event. Second order will be placed after the event.  Participants must raise a minimum of $50.00

Don’t want to Plunge? come support the plunges by cheering them on!

First timers’ tips
You’ve decided to grin and bear it and take the Plunge!?!?!  Congratulations you have signed up for an unforgettable experience, both in and out of the water!!

Here are some tips:


  • Bring your pledge form and money raised the day of the event to the registration area.
  • Choose your “Plunge Day” costume (or post-Plunge gear) with this in mind – you will be cold, so loose-fitting, easy-on clothes without a lot of snaps, zippers or buttons are best.  When your fingers and toes will not work as you would like them to.  It is not so easy to get some of your clothing back on after you jump. (no wetsuits)
  • Wear something on your feet (old tennis shoes or “aqua socks”) to prevent cuts on your feet from the ice and to prevent your feet from sticking to the snow and ice on shore.  This is strongly encouraged.
  • Bring a loose pair of shoes to wear after the Plunge – something that will slip easily on and doesn’t have tricky laces (Crocs or boots).
  • Bring a blanket, towel or robe to use before and after the plunge.
  • If you wear glasses, we suggest you get an “athletic strap” or something similar to hold them to your face or not wear them at all.  It is quite difficult to find glasses that have been dropped in the water.
  • Carpool –parking maybe limited in the marina and on First Street.


  • Do NOT dive in or jump off the pier – this is a safety regulation and will be enforced by the safety team!!  Beyond that, remember that a Plunge is whatever you want it to be, so there is no pressure to fully submerge yourself, it can be dipping in your big toe if you choose.
  • Do NOT be the first to go into the water if it is your first time.  Remember there will be  people behind you and if you get in and decide you need to get out immediately, it will be very difficult to do so quickly.
  • DO NOT worry about “missing” the Plunge – there are lots that are going in the water, so even if you wait 5 minutes until the crowd thins out, you’ll still get the full Plunge experience – but in a less congested way.  This also makes it easier for your cheering section to bear witness to the big event and get your photo.


  • A plastic bag for wet clothes
  • A backpack to hold street clothes.
  • Two medium size towels one to dry off with and one to stand on.
  • A dry partner to hold your valuables while you are in the water or use staging area
  • Shoes for going into the water, the ground is very cold on bare feet
  • Waterproof camera that you can carry into the Plunge Zone with you – even if your “handlers” can’t get a close-up of you in the water, feel free to ask a fellow Plunger to capture your big moment on film.


  • Male and Female changing trailors will be availble after the plunge to change. You are responsible for your personal belongings.


  • The best place for a spectator to watch will be from the pier. Please be sure to stay away for the edge especially if you have young children with you. We are not responsible if you fall in to the chilly water.


  • Check out local businesses to see if they are open before or after the plunge.


  • The swim will be over before your goosebumps know what hit them, so savor the moment out in the water and with your fellow Plungers – “High Fives” and “Happy New Year” greetings never felt so good!
  • Good luck and have fun!!!!